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Pro Alloy

ProAlloy Intercooler & Boost pipe kit combo

ProAlloy Intercooler & Boost pipe kit combo

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We are now stocking these fantastic intercoolers and boost pipe kits designed and manufactured in the U.K by Pro Alloy. After testing the product against various competitors we settled on the Proalloy product. The build quality is incredible and the performance gains are second to none.

With our all-new, hand-made lightweight fabricated design and first ever stepped core configuration, our GR intercooler is well placed to suit big power upgrades. Our in house built, one-piece core outshines any other stepped cooler available, due to its true single unit construction. This means we don’t need to weld two cores together, which helps keep the internal flow disruptions to a minimum. A lightweight, tube and fin design guarantees superior performance in two aspects – minimum pressure drop and excellent recovery rates for your inlet temperatures. A comparison of the new core against OE reveals the following advantages:

An impressive 33% frontal surface increase over the OEM intercooler, with a massive 102% increase in internal flow area!!

Zero cutting or permanent modifications are required to your Yaris GR to fit this aftermarket intercooler, plus all standard mountings can be utilised.

This kit also works for the “Circuit Pack” GR’s and allows the extra ducting to be used alongside the PRO intercooler.

Inlet and outlet ports have been increased to 60mm diameter to allow future proofing of the kit for when the OEM boost pipes become restrictive. The OE pipes can then be replaced with our all-new tapered boost pipe kit for those running extra power, to marry-up perfectly with the 60mm ports. Our gently tapered alloy boost pipe ensures the airflow has no obstructions or turbulence prior to entering the throttle body.

The intercooler kit is supplied with 2x custom silicone link hoses which line up perfectly with OEM pipework.

The boost pipe kit comes with silicone joiners to directly join to the turbo outlet, then to intercooler, and from intercooler to the throttle body inlet pipe. Our boost pipe kit will not work with the standard intercooler unit and requires our intercooler upgrade for perfect fitment. (May fit other aftermarket units with some extra work).

CORE SIZE – 650mm Width x 185 (front face) 155 (rear face) x 116mm depth

Available in brushed alloy or satin black, with or without PRO logo.

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