GR Yaris ECU Tuning

GR Yaris ECU Tuning

Now available - String Theory Garage Stage 1 ECU Tune for GR Yaris.

Developed by ourselves after countless hours on the dyno and tested in real world conditions. Our bespoke tune maintains stock driveability, refinement and reliability whilst achieving the following figures:

  • 316bhp
  • 436Nm

However, this only tells half the story. The spread of torque is enormous compared to stock, providing an extremely flexible, driveable car everyday. Plus the engine is far more enthusiastic and free revving at the top end of the rev range, revving cleanly and easily past 6000rpm.

The hours of development time spent perfecting this ECU tune has made this a much more advanced option than any tuning box offering.

Available not for £600+VAT, including unlimited re-flashes back to stock.

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