Parts supply and fitting

We have partnered with most leading aftermarket parts manufacturers, from performance springs and coilover kits to upgraded brakes, tyres or exhaust systems, and are proud to be able to offer their products to our customers.

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If you can't see what you're after or are not sure what you need to get the most out of your car, then get in touch with us. We can source pretty much any aftermarket parts.

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Geometry setup and alignment

A fully tailored alignment, specifically for your application. We take the time to fully understand your car and your requirements, so that we can determine the right geometry settings for your application.

​The amount of geometry adjustment available varies widely across vehicles. We source parts such as shims, top mounts, rods and arms to enable adjustment where it’s not available as standard. We'll advise you at booking whether we think these additional parts will be required for your application.

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Corner Weighting

For cars with height adjustable suspension.

​By corner weighting your car we can fine-tune the handling balance to ensure it performs consistently and equally in all directions when driving, both on road and track.

​Every serious motorsport team will corner weight their race cars to maximise on-track performance and consistency for the driver. Achieving a 50% cross-weight distribution will have a positive effect on your car's balance, especially if you have adjusted ride heights without having this done.

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  • Robert - Honda S2000

    Ben did not let the car go until we were both happy with how my car handles. I've fallen in love with it again.

    This is one of those places where they know and love what they do.

  • Alistair - Porsche 718 GT4

    Ben, I doff my cap to you sir because you are indeed a magician.

    Why on earth Porsche don’t do this from the outset is almost beyond belief.

    I’m so pleased we went ahead and did it.

  • Ian - Mini Cooper S Works R56

    The car now drives spot on.

    Your attention to detail is exactly what I was after.

    Many thanks

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