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HKS Hi-Power Spec-L II Exhaust GR Yaris

HKS Hi-Power Spec-L II Exhaust GR Yaris

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The fantastic HKS Spec-L II Exhaust. Beautifully manufactured in S304 Stainless steel, the Spec-L II manages to do what didn't seem possible. Can you have a well made, sporty sounding whilst not being droney or intrusive , light weight and good looking exhaust.
HKS' latest exhaust ticks all of those boxes.

We can offer this great exhaust for £1780inc vat fully fitted at our workshop in Stratford-upon-Avon. Call us on 01789 790097 or email sales@stringtheorygarage.com to make a booking.

Taken from the HKS website"Sporty sound and significant weight reduction enhances the GR Yaris driving performance.25% lighter compared to stock exhaust systemWeight reduction is achieved by using HKS original thin-walled stainless steel material for pipes and silencers.Sports sound with straight layoutOutside, the exhaust system produces a powerful, bass-heavy sound, while cabin noise is eliminated by a silent chamber. The result is an exhaust system that not only reduces weight and improves performance, but also offers a sporty sound".

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