iPE Magnesium Wheels

Revolutionary Technology

iPE MFR-01 and MFR-02 Forged Magnesium Racing Wheels for Porsche 991 and 992 models.

Designed especially for the race track and manufactured with the highest standards. TÜV approved for the road.


Using world-leading design and manufacturing technology, the iPE MFR wheels are lighter and stronger than OEM Porsche wheels, including the Porsche Magnesium wheels.

The super light-weight wheels decrease unsprung mass, improving the vehicle's cornering performing, acceleration, braking and fuel consumption.

The ultimate upgrade for your Porsche track car.

iPE MFR-02 Magnesium Wheels Porsche 991 GT3



Forged Magnesium

35% lighter than Porsche OEM.

The lightest Porsche 991 TÜV approved wheels on the market.

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Forged Magnesium

No-compromise design for the 992 GT3.

26% lighter than Porsche OEM. TÜV approved.

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iPE Valvetronic Titanium Exhausts

Valvetronic exhaust system engineered and designed to enhance sound performance.

Header, downpipe, cat-back systems and mufflers for Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Mercedes and more.

Remotely operated exhaust valves drastically change the sound and tone of the exhaust.

Bolt-on titanium systems provide weight savings of over 50% compared to OEM.

Multiple style of exhaust tips available.

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