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Akrapovic BMW M2 Competition/CS (F87N) Slip-On-Line Titanium Exhaust

Akrapovic BMW M2 Competition/CS (F87N) Slip-On-Line Titanium Exhaust

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Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system for BMW M2 CS. The Slip-On Line Titanium back box with Carbon Fibre exhaust tips is over 45% Lighter than the OEM back box. There are slight differences in the back box between OPF and Non-OPF models, so select your model from the drop-down options above.

Akrapovic have measured the Slip-On line back box as delivering an extra 5Bhp and 6Nm of torque at 5100rpm.

Optional additional exhaust sections are the Evolution Link Pipe, and Downpipe.

The Titanium Evolution link pipe replaces the centre section of the exhaust, reducing weight by 3kg, and when fitted in combination with the Slip-On line backbox, Akrapovic have measured increases of 15Bhp and 24Nm at 4800rpm. The link pipe comes with a Sound Kit - a method to manual open the exhaust valves either via an Akrapovic remote or a smartphone app, to allow you to control the noise levels manually. When selecting the link pipe from the product options, you cannot also select the Sound Kit as this is already included. EML will need coding out after installation of the link pipe.

The stainless steel downpipe can be used in conjunction with the Evolution link pipe and slip-on line backbox. Akrapovic have measured increases of 18Bhp and 50Nm at 6600rpm.

The optional Akrapovic Sound Kit allows the drive to manually control the opening of the exhaust valves via a remote or smartphone app, and can be selected with the Slip-On Line backbox. This only gives the option to manually open the valves.

We offer fitting for all exhaust systems at our workshop in Stratford upon Avon - please get in touch for a quote.

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