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Akrapovič BMW M2 (F87) Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust

Akrapovič BMW M2 (F87) Evolution Line Titanium Exhaust

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Brand new to us, another fabulous addition to our product range courtesy of the exhaust specialists, Akrapovic!

Made from Lightweight Titanium, which will lower the overall weight of the car and improve handling. This ECE-approved system has been designed to deliver more power across the rev range.

This new system features two separate tubes from the downpipe to the rear silencer. It is routed and shaped to provide optimum gas flow to deliver a noticeable performance increase. Akrapovic’s engineers have tuned the exhaust note giving a true racing feel in the upper rpm range. The Evolution Line is perfect for everyday use, with low-rpm driving smooth and refined, but still showing the true potential of the system which is revealed in the mid to upper rev range.

A simple plug-and-play system offers a superb addition to improve the performance of the BMW M2. Carbon-Fibre tailpipes give an improved look to the rear of the M2. Performance can be further increased with the addition of the optional downpipes, which can be purchased with or without catalytic converters.

The new Akrapovic Sound Kit enables the driver to easily adjust the sound of the exhaust wirelessly whilst driving. By combining state-of-the-art exhaust system technologies with the latest innovations, it ensures a premium driving experience with an instantly recognizable Akrapovic sound.

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