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Akrapovic GR Yaris Slip-on Exhaust system

Akrapovic GR Yaris Slip-on Exhaust system

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Premium quality exhaust system for the GR Yaris.

Constructed from Titanium and weighing only 7.8kg, giving a 37% weight saving over the standard system.

Three resonator boxes, with a collector to reduce any unwanted "drone" whilst giving a sportier tone to the exhaust note.

Noticeable power gains over the standard system really make this system, the one to have!

Akrapovic have tested this system back to back against a standard Yaris and can claim an increase of 12.9hp and 13Nm at 6,950rpm.

These are a brand new product to the market and we are proud to be a dealer of Akrapovic products. There is a reason many OEM manufacturers are turning to Akrapovic to design and develop their performance exhaust systems.

We also offer a fitting service for all products, please contact us to find out more.

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