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Eibach Front Camber Bolts

Eibach Front Camber Bolts

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Eibach camber bolts for use on the front of the GR Yaris.

Unlike the Toyota camber bolts, these are lobe-profiled to allow the camber to be adjusted depending on the rotation of the bolt. The Toyota camber bolts have an undersized shank and the resulting play in the hub is used to adjust the camber, but our experience has shown this can come loose with time. The Eibach option is our preferred method of adjusting the camber on the front of the Yaris.

Max camber with standard struts and these bolts is around -3 degrees.

Eibach 5.81290K 17mm. Comes as a pair. Fit one bolt per-side in the top strut mount hole.

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