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JCR Super Low Seat Frames GR Yaris

JCR Super Low Seat Frames GR Yaris

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JCR Developments have solved the problem of the high seating position in the Yaris GR with their super-low seat frames and runners. Designed to accommodate the Recaro Sportster CS seats, these replace the OEM seat frames and runners and their slim design allows the Recaro seat to be fitted in a much lower position whilst retaining the ability to slide the seat back and forwards - important for both the correct driving position and access to the rear seats. The hip position of the Recaros with these frames is 45mm lower than the equivalent OEM seats & frames.

Designed to fit the Recaro Sportster CS, these can also be used with other aftermarket seats and side mounts, potentially with some slight adaptations.

The sliders are FIA approved Recaro supplied slide rails as normally supplied by Recaro for fitting of any of their own aftermarket seats. The bracketry has been designed with 5mm steel to ensure its strength matches that of the OEM seat frame and any aftermarket seat mounting kit offered by Recaro.

These can be ordered as single side frames but are handed left and right so please select the correct one from the dropdown above, or as a pair.


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