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Nankang NS-2R Track day / Road Tyre

Nankang NS-2R Track day / Road Tyre

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Nankang NS-2R Track Day and Road Tyre. Price shown is per single tyre, and lead times for each tyre size may differ, but most are available next day. Get in touch with us to give you an accurate delivery estimate, or if you can't find your tyre size listed. Refresh the page to reset tyre size selector.

After multiple years of success in club motorsport across the UK and Europe, the NS-2R has found itself as a highly recommended track day tyre. As used over the years by championships such as: BMW Compact Cup, MaX5, Civic Cup, M3 Cup and in open tyre series.

The NS-2R is not the fastest tyre on the grid, and is not as high-performing in dry grip as the AR-1, however it is harder wearing and more suited to performance road use so it a great value for money option.

NS-2R also boasts great wet performance so users have the confidence that the tyre will perform as well as a road tyre as it will on track.

The NS-2R has achieved EU tyre labelling giving it MSA List 1B approval.

Optimum camber settings between -1.0 to -3.0 degrees

HOT Pressure settings

<800kg 23 - 27.5psi

800-1000kg 24 - 32psi

1,000-1,400kg 27.5 - 37psi

1,400kg> 34 - 42psi

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