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Tarox Rear Brake Pads - GR Yaris

Tarox Rear Brake Pads - GR Yaris

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TAROX Rear brake pads -GR Yaris Available in Corsa 114 

Corsa 114

The Corsa pad is a great all–round pad, and although primarily intended for track day use, the pads can also be used to great effect for fast road use on more powerful cars. Corsa pads are still effective from cold and therefore give maximum performance at all temperatures. The high coefficient of friction gives amazing levels of pedal feel and massive amounts of bite, yet they are not hard on discs like some track type pads.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 650°C, this pad has an optimum temperature range of 200°C to 600°C.

Coefficient of friction:
Cold 0.47 μ
Hot 0.49 μ

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