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Xtreme Clutch for GR Yaris

Xtreme Clutch for GR Yaris

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We can offer 3 solutions for GR Yaris, depending how "Xtreme" your needs are for your car. 

Option 1 - KTY24047-1G Performance Heavy Duty Organic - suits dualmass flywheel.

Designed for the customer who wants an improvement over the OEM clutch, to retain their original dualmass flywheel and pedal feel. This is most suited to customers who use the car for daily driving but sometimes track the car. 

Option 2 - KTY24646-1A - Performance Heavy Duty Organic Including Flywheel & CSC.

This option contains the same clutch as Option 1, but includes a singlemass flywheel and a new slave cylinder. The benefits of a single mass flywheel is engine response, but at a cost of noise / harmonics. This will allow much faster rev's and throttle response. 

Option 3 - KTY24646-1R - Performance Race Sprung Ceramic Including Flywheel & CSC

This is a race ceramic version with a singlemass wheel that offers a 35% increase in clamp load. This will give a much heavier clutch feel and is aimed at cars that are used on track, but the performance increase is the trade off. 

Fitting can be offered, please select collect from String Theory at checkout and we will get in touch to arrange fitting. 

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